League Affiliation: Continental Association

Founded: 1884 (Border Association)

Ownership History:
Barnabas Colson 1884-1897
Reginald Presley 1898-1920
Malcolm Presley 1921-1929
Eugene Weston 1929
Daniel Prescott 1929-1951
Chester Coleman 1951-


1889, 91 (BA), 1912, 23, 27, 36, 37, 38




The Kings began in the old Border Association, joining that loop for its third campaign in 1884. They won two BA pennants in 1889 and '91 before joining FABL as a charter member of the Continental Association in 1892. The next twenty years were not kind to the Kings as they spent most of those two decades in the second division. A surprise pennant in 1912 might have been poised to break "The Curse of Ferdinand Hawkins" (Hawkins was a key part of the club's two BA pennants but was let go in 1892, and according to tradition cursing the team to never win another title). But the Boston Minutemen defeated Brooklyn four games to one in the WCS. It would be the same story in 1923, '27 and '36 before the club finally won the World's Championship, defeating Pittsburgh four games to one to give Brooklyn its long-awaited title. 
Some of the game's biggest names have played for Brooklyn, including four of the Barrell Brothers (Dan, Fred, Tom and Harry) as well as Hall-of-Famers such as Frank Vance and Al Wheeler. Longtime owner Daniel Prescott sold the team after the 1950 season, and new owner Chester Coleman immediately announced the team would move to Kansas City for the 1952 season, yet another in a string of disappointments for the baseball faithful in Brooklyn.

Kings County Stadium

BUILT: 1883 (original), 1912 (concrete & steel reconstruction)


ADDRESS: 1650 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY