League Affiliation: Federal Association

Founded: 1890 (Peerless League)
    Known as Boston Brahmins (1890-1901)

Ownership History:
Steve Cunningham - 1890-1922
Harry Cunningham - 1923-30
Jesse Barton - 1931-


1891 (PL), 1894, 1902, 03, 04, 05, 06, 12, 15, 41, 43


1894, 1903, 04, 12, 41


One of just two Peerless League clubs to gain entry into the Federally Aligned Baseball Leagues in 1892, the Boston Brahmins won the 1894 World Championship Series. In 1901 the club changed its name to the Minutemen and won five straight FA pennants from 1902-06, with back-to-back WCS titles in 1903-04 under legendary manager George Theobald. Theobald left the club in 1917 and this presaged a long down period for the club - the Minutmen could only manage to finish as high as 3rd five times between 1918 and 1940. Things took a decided turn for the better as the club won the pennant and the WCS in 1941 and followed that up with a pennant in 1943. Boston spent its first 41 years under the ownership of the Cunningham family before Jesse Barton purchased the club in 1931. Under Barton's ownership the club replaced the aging Cunningham Field with Minuteman Stadium which opened in 1943. Barton, now an octogenarian is still in the owner's suite, though there have been periodic rumors of him selling the club.

Minuteman Stadium

BUILT: 1942


ADDRESS: 100 Gainsborough St., Boston, MA.

Minuteman Stadium, 1946