Fake Leagues, Real Fun

Legendsport.com is the home of the Figment Universe. The Figment Leagues are sports simulations leagues with fictional teams and personnel in a real-world environment. We make our own history and have fun doing it!


What it's all about...

  • Fake Players

    No Babe Ruth? No problem, let's find our own. Fake players means no expectations and an organic experience as you watch your players develop.
  • A Curated Experience

    The commissioner has no team and no bias, and can concentrate on keeping it fun. Immersion is important - the goal of the commissioner will be to get and keep people invested in their teams and players.
  • Top-Notch Sim Engines

    The Legendsport Leagues use top-notch sims like Out of the Park Baseball.
  • Real World Basis

    The players and teams are fake, but the world around them is based on reality to lend a base of familiarity.