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Legendsport.com is the home of the Figment Universe. The Figment Leagues are sports simulations leagues with fictional teams and personnel in a real-world environment. We make our own history and have fun doing it!

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What it's all about...

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    Fake Players

    No Babe Ruth? No problem, let's find our own. Fake players means no expectations and an organic experience as you watch your players develop.
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    A Curated Experience

    The commissioner has no team and no bias, and can concentrate on keeping it fun. Immersion is important - the goal of the commissioner will be to get and keep people invested in their teams and players.
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    Top-Notch Sim Engines

    The Legendsport Leagues use top-notch sims like Out of the Park Baseball.
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    Real World Basis

    The players and teams are fake, but the world around them is based on reality to lend a base of familiarity.
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    Proof of Concept

    The first Legendsport League is Figment League Baseball and it will be the blueprint for possible future leagues in basketball, football and hockey.

The Figment Universe

The Figment Universe encompasses an assortment of simulated sports leagues that operate within a common fictional world that closely resembles our own historical reality. The leagues share this common world, but operate at different points along the historical timeline.


Figment Baseball began its pre-play period in 1876 and transitioned to an online league for the 1926 season utilizing Out of the Park Baseball 20 from Out of the Park Developments.


Figment Basketball  will have a pre-play period beginning in 1910 with a college-only focus, adding a professional league in the 1930s and transitioning to an online league in the late 1940s. The league will utilize Fastbreak College Basketball and Fastbreak Basketball 3 from Greydog Software.


The first of the "non-league" sports, Figment Boxing utilizes Title Bout Pro Boxing from Out of the Park Developments. Boxing began in 1907.


Figment Football will have a pre-play period starting in the late 19th century with a college-only focus, adding a professional league in 1920 and transitioning to an online league in the 1950s. The league will utilize Draft Day Sports Football from Wolverine Studios.


Another of the "non-league" sports, Golf will begin with the 1915 season, using Draft Day Sports Golf from Wolverine Studios.


Figment Hockey will begin with the 1917-18 season. The actual sim engine to be used, the length of the pre-play period and start of the online league are yet to be determined.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is being considered as the third of the "non-league" sports. If it occurs it will begin in the early 20th century and likely use Starters Orders 7 from Strategic Designs.


Soccer is being considered as a possible online league sport. The pre-play period would likely begin in the 19th century and the league would focus on English soccer with the likely engine being the ESMS+ software.

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