The Philadelphia Keystones club is one of just two of the original Century League organizations to survive the tumultuous 19th century. Established in 1876 alongside the Chicago Chiefs, the-then Centennials were one of the best clubs in the Century League during that precursor circuit's 17 season run. Named in honor of the city's status as the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Centennials were renamed to their current Keystone moniker in 1884. The early club featured the game's best hitter in Zebulon Banks, who would establish a slew of career records (all eventually surpassed in the 20th century) and the one constant was owner Jefferson Edgerton. "Old Jeff" as he would come to be known was a young businessman when the team was born in 1876 - 50 years later he'd be the octogenarian face of baseball's Golden Jubilee and still sharp and in charge of the club's business operations.