The Saints, along with the Toronto Wolves, were the Border Association's flagship franchises in Canada as BA founder James Tice sought to grow the sport outside the United States. While Tice and his team (Cincinnati) did not survive, the seeds he planted in Canada not only survived, but thrived. The road was a bit rocky for Montreal - they started slowly, became a contending team in the final years of the Border Association, and then struggled mightily during the rest of the 19th century after the formation of the FABL organization finishing as high as fourth just once before 1913. That's when things turned around, and the Saints became one of the Continental Association's power clubs, winning several pennants and world titles. The club plays at Parc Cartier, or as the locals call it, "La Belle de Rachel" for its location on the Rue Rachel. The crowds at La Belle are fanatically partisan and often raucous giving the Saints a decided home field advantage.