Max Morris produced a second-straight Triple Crown season and Powell Slocum continued to astound with another .400 season but both Morris and Slocum played for teams that didn't factor into the 1922 pennant races. And while the Federal Association race was a great one, the Continental's was not and that was because the biggest story of the season was the Chicago Cougars.

There had never been anyone like him so everything he did was eye-popping in general, but what he did in 1921 has stood the test of time as one of the greatest seasons by any player in any year. Max Morris finally had a season in which he both played right field regularly and avoided injury and boy-oh-boy did he have a season for the ages. He won a Triple Crown but did it with eye-popping, record-setting numbers: a .411 average, 53 home runs, 149 RBIs, 153 runs scored and 121 walks. He had a .511 on-base percentage and a .785 slugging percentage (he had 32 doubles & 13 triples for a total of 456 total bases). And his team, naturally, won the pennant again.