The AFA entered its second decade still trying to find its true identity. Some owners, such as Carl Boon of Chicago and Rollie Barrell of Detroit were firm believers in "first rate all the way" and that meant teams in big cities. But AFA President Jack Kristich, though friendly with both Boon and Barrell, felt that the league had grown out of the smaller, hard-working cities of the industrial midwest and was reluctant to leave those roots behind. The last of the original small-city clubs, Dayton, had dropped out of the league midway through the '29 season, but had been bought by Brooklyn-based financier Dudley Townsend, who moved them to his home borough and dubbed them the Brooklyn Kings. Rumor - never confirmed - indicated that Townsend's deep pockets had helped save Brooklyn Kings baseball owner and root beer magnate Daniel Prescott from financial disaster in the wake of the Stock Market crash and this had led to Townsend's moving his team to Brooklyn, copying the baseball team's nickname and getting a beneficial rent deal at Kings County Stadium. 

The Depression that had hit during the previous season was going to be felt around the AFA in 1930 and beyond, making the atmosphere that thus far had allowed cities like Dayton, Albany, Harrisburg, and Providence exist in a league with New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Detroit. The squeeze was coming - some felt it as early as '30, but for others, the day of reckoning was fast approaching. The 1930 season can be rightly considered to be the one where the changing of the guard truly began, a process that would be completed within three years.

Just like Chicago before them, the Detroit Maroons came off their undefeated season with a bit of a hangover. Still, Rollie Barrell's men had a firm hand at the tiller and finished tied for second with a respectable 9-3-2 mark, tied with the resurgent Wildcats, who figured out their defensive woes and snapped back with a very stolid performance on that side of the ball - a scowling Carl Boon riding herd on them all the way. The 1930 season belonged not to Chicago or Detroit, but to New York, where the big buy-in the Stars had employed the year before paid dividends. New York went 14-2-1, taking a cue from the Philadelphia Hornets (who fell to 2-15-1) in their "play as much as possible approach" to scheduling. Those days were coming to an end too as Boon, Barrell and others pressured Kristich to take a stronger hand in scheduling and ensuring a fair and balanced schedule.

The newly minted Brooklyn Kings made the most of their new owner's bank account and improved the squad enough to climb to fourth place behind the three juggernauts. The Providence-based Rhode Island Reds lived up to their namesake bird, showing a lot of fight in finishing fifth at 8-4-2. Boston (7-4-0) and Harrisburg (5-4-3) rounded out the teams with winning marks. Both St. Paul (0-9-0) and Newark (0-11-1) went winless in their swansong seasons.


Team W L T PF PA
New York Stars 14 2 1 287 107
Chicago Wildcats 9 3 2 172 81
Detroit Maroons 9 3 2 240 127
Brooklyn Kings 8 3 1 167 70
Rhode Island Reds 8 4 2 202 131
Boston Minutemen 7 4 0 144 109
Harrisburg Generals 5 4 3 145 144
Cleveland Finches 4 8 1 138 184
Philadelphia Hornets 2 15 1 130 367
St. Paul Apostles 0 9 0 30 207
Newark Knights 0 11 1 43 171


Date Visitor   Home  
14-Sep Newark Knights 7 Rhode Island Reds 23
17-Sep New York Stars 17 Newark Knights 0
21-Sep Brooklyn Kings 6 Chicago Wildcats 17
21-Sep Cleveland Finches 12 Detroit Maroons 30
21-Sep Newark Knights 6 Harrisburg Generals 21
23-Sep Philadelphia Hornets 14 Newark Knights 10
24-Sep Brooklyn Kings 17 Rhode Island Reds 17
27-Sep Harrisburg Generals 21 Philadelphia Hornets 21
28-Sep Chicago Wildcats 10 Detroit Maroons 20
28-Sep Cleveland Finches 17 St. Paul Apostles 7
28-Sep New York Stars 24 Boston Minutemen 2
28-Sep Philadelphia Hornets 6 Harrisburg Generals 21
1-Oct Harrisburg Generals 7 Newark Knights 3
1-Oct Philadelphia Hornets 6 Boston Minutemen 23
4-Oct Newark Knights 7 Philadelphia Hornets 21
5-Oct New York Stars 7 Detroit Maroons 20
5-Oct Chicago Wildcats 9 St. Paul Apostles 0
5-Oct Cleveland Finches 7 Rhode Island Reds 17
5-Oct Newark Knights 3 Boston Minutemen 7
5-Oct Brooklyn Kings 7 Harrisburg Generals 9
8-Oct Cleveland Finches 7 Newark Knights 7
8-Oct Philadelphia Hornets 6 Rhode Island Reds 21
12-Oct Newark Knights 0 Brooklyn Kings 27
12-Oct New York Stars 10 Chicago Wildcats 10
12-Oct Philadelphia Hornets 0 Detroit Maroons 23
12-Oct Rhode Island Reds 31 St. Paul Apostles 9
12-Oct Cleveland Finches 3 Boston Minutemen 17
16-Oct Cleveland Finches 3 New York Stars 13
18-Oct Brooklyn Kings 16 Philadelphia Hornets 0
19-Oct Chicago Wildcats 9 Cleveland Finches 3
19-Oct Detroit Maroons 14 St. Paul Apostles 7
19-Oct Brooklyn Kings 3 Newark Knights 0
19-Oct Philadelphia Hornets 7 New York Stars 20
19-Oct Harrisburg Generals 12 Boston Minutemen 16
22-Oct Chicago Wildcats 3 Rhode Island Reds 7
25-Oct Cleveland Finches 21 Philadelphia Hornets 10
26-Oct Philadelphia Hornets 0 Chicago Wildcats 17
26-Oct Rhode Island Reds 7 Cleveland Finches 10
26-Oct St. Paul Apostles 0 Detroit Maroons 35
26-Oct Harrisburg Generals 10 Newark Knights 0
26-Oct Boston Minutemen 0 New York Stars 21
30-Oct Newark Knights 0 New York Stars 14
2-Nov St. Paul Apostles 0 Chicago Wildcats 20
2-Nov Philadelphia Hornets 12 Cleveland Finches 21
2-Nov Rhode Island Reds 3 Detroit Maroons 23
2-Nov Harrisburg Generals 7 New York Stars 20
2-Nov Brooklyn Kings 6 Boston Minutemen 0
5-Nov New York Stars 10 Rhode Island Reds 6
8-Nov Boston Minutemen 28 Philadelphia Hornets 7
9-Nov St. Paul Apostles 0 Brooklyn Kings 34
9-Nov Detroit Maroons 0 Chicago Wildcats 21
9-Nov New York Stars 24 Cleveland Finches 21
9-Nov Philadelphia Hornets 7 Boston Minutemen 28
9-Nov Rhode Island Reds 13 Harrisburg Generals 13
15-Nov Rhode Island Reds 13 Philadelphia Hornets 0
16-Nov Detroit Maroons 17 Cleveland Finches 10
16-Nov Chicago Wildcats 0 New York Stars 17
22-Nov Chicago Wildcats 26 Philadelphia Hornets 3
23-Nov Harrisburg Generals 0 Brooklyn Kings 14
23-Nov Detroit Maroons 0 New York Stars 14
23-Nov St. Paul Apostles 0 Boston Minutemen 20
27-Nov Boston Minutemen 3 Brooklyn Kings 20
27-Nov Cleveland Finches 3 Chicago Wildcats 14
27-Nov Detroit Maroons 20 Philadelphia Hornets 3
27-Nov New York Stars 21 Harrisburg Generals 7
30-Nov Rhode Island Reds 3 Chicago Wildcats 7
30-Nov Brooklyn Kings 0 New York Stars 10
30-Nov Detroit Maroons 17 Harrisburg Generals 17
6-Dec New York Stars 31 Philadelphia Hornets 7
7-Dec Detroit Maroons 9 Chicago Wildcats 9
7-Dec New York Stars 14 Brooklyn Kings 17
7-Dec St. Paul Apostles 7 Rhode Island Reds 27
14-Dec Detroit Maroons 12 Rhode Island Reds 14


QB: Garland Goddard, New York Stars
HB: Urban Dane, Chicago Wildcats
HB: Dewey Lennon, Harrisburg Generals
FB: Sammy Pitts, Cleveland Finches
LE: Bill Youngberg, Chicago Wildcats
LT: Neil Robirds, Chicago Wildcats
LG: Gus Ziegler, Detroit Maroons
C: Rickey Parrack, Brooklyn Kings
RG: Gus Herschlag, Cleveland Finches
RT: Henry Ulrich, New York Stars
RE: John Danner, Detroit Maroons