Figment League Boxing

Figment Boxing uses Title Bout Boxing 2.5 from Out of the Park Developments. At the present time, the boxing aspect of the Figment Universe is a solo project. If a workable solution can be found to allow participation in managing fighters and there is a reasonable amount of interest in doing so from the community, then that may be added.
And now... the Figment Universe history of professional boxing:


While the sport of boxing had existed in many forms and varieties throughout the United States dating back to the colonial era, the first official body to codify rules and sanction bouts was formed in 1908 and dubbed itself the American Boxing Federation (ABF). The ABF mirrored the existing organizations that had been formed in the United Kingdom and some locations in Europe, and modeled itself on those organizations. In the U.S., the formation of the ABF helped the fledgling sport, which had been considered at best disreputable by a significant portion of the nation's populace, earn some mainstream recognition. It also helped to put the fighters themselves in a better position, both in terms of earning potential, and more importantly in ensuring that fights were held as safely as possible, given the realities of the sport itself.