They'd been around since 1882 as a founding member of the old Border Association. They had, sometimes, been relatively good (but usually not so much). They had a good, strong fan following and were seen by most other fans as lovable losers. They had never finished in first place. So it took a long time - much to long if you'd asked any of those long suffering fans of the team - but the Montreal Saints finally reached the promised land by winning the 1915 Continental Association pennant.

Their ballparks were less than 40 miles apart, but because they played in different associations the only time they faced off was an occasional exhibition.. or in the World Championship Series. So when the Washington Eagles and Baltimore Clippers got together for the 1913 Series, it was great for fans of both teams who could attend the away games with relative ease. That 1913 series was a bit of a downer (unless you were an Eagles fan) as Washington won it in surprisingly easy fashion. And when both teams repeated as pennant winners in 1914, the scene was set for one of the best Series thus far.