The First Professionals

The 1869 Red Stockings

The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first fully professional base ball team in 1869. Prior to that time, some players on the top clubs were paid or compensated in some other way (such as being hired for a job for which they didn’t need to show up) but the ten members of the 1869 Red Stockings were all paid and therefore the club went down in history as the first fully professional club. The members of that club were: Daniel Edwards (pitcher), Danny O’Shaughnessy (catcher), Sam Wigginton (first base), John…

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Prologue – Brooklyn, June 14, 1870

Back in ’64, with the nation fully embroiled in its internecine war, Reuben Decker partnered up with Hamilton Weed to make some money out of the farm of Decker’s grandfather in the mostly undeveloped Bedford section of the city of Brooklyn. Decker & Weed had been freezing a pond on the property for the use of ice skaters in the winter months – but what to do in the spring and summer? The answer became apparent when the duo saw the success of the nearby Union Grounds, which charged admission…

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The Baseball Chronicle

Welcome to the home of The Baseball Chronicle (hereafter referred to as “TBC”). TBC is an Out of the Park Baseball league with fictional players in a historical framework. The idea was to remove the shackles of expectation and have an open-minded environment for playing historical baseball. Anyone would expect a certain level of performance from “Babe Ruth” even in a digital format – TBC removes those type of expectations by using fictional players. Their skills will certainly resemble real players – possibly very highly in some cases – but…

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