Welcome to the home of The Baseball Chronicle (hereafter referred to as “TBC”). TBC is an Out of the Park Baseball league with fictional players in a historical framework. The idea was to remove the shackles of expectation and have an open-minded environment for playing historical baseball. Anyone would expect a certain level of performance from “Babe Ruth” even in a digital format – TBC removes those type of expectations by using fictional players. Their skills will certainly resemble real players – possibly very highly in some cases – but without the name, participants and followers will not be chained to what happened in real life and things can and will evolve organically.

So what is TBC? Here are the main points:

  • A simulated baseball league using the Out of the Park Baseball game as the engine (we’ll use the current version – 18 as of this writing – and upgrade each year for however long TBC goes).
  • Players will be completely fictional though some may be modeled after specific real life players – and this will only be known to the commissioner.
  • The league will be a solo project that will eventually (it is hoped) become an online league.
  • The transition to an online league would likely take place some time after 1920.
  • The commissioner will never run a team in the league, allowing for complete impartiality (and allowing for stepping in to handle teams when and where necessary on a temporary basis).
  • The league will begin with the dawn of the first professional league – the National Association – in 1871 and progress from there
  • The plan is to include minor leagues, Negro leagues and possibly even foreign leagues such as the Cuban, Japanese and Mexican leagues.

If you are interested in following along, please do. When the time comes from the switch from solo project to online league, the commissioner will post here and accept sign ups.

Thanks! Now let’s play ball!