This is the brand-new, redesigned home of the Legendsport Leagues. If you’re new around here, you may not know that I (Joe Cronin is my name, nice to meet ‘ya) run several simulated sports leagues. I’ve done a wide-range of leagues and formats and have two websites – this one, and What’s the difference? Well for a long time there wasn’t one – I used to host all my leagues here on and then moved them mainly to

I’ve now decided to split my leagues along a very specific line – those that are built around real history – real players, real teams, etc. Historical leagues in a nutshell. Those will continue to reside over at SimSportLeagues. This site is now going to host only those leagues that either have fictional players and/or have fictional leagues, teams, etc. So you might find Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth over here, but you’d be much more likely to find them over there.

Currently I plan on running two leagues here at Both will have a similar concept – fake players in a real-world, historically-based universe.

The Baseball Chronicle – A Fictional Romp thru Baseball History

The first will be “The Baseball Chronicle” and will be based on real professional baseball history starting at the very beginning back in 1871. That will use Out of the Park Baseball and will start fairly soon.

A Bone-crackin’ ride through gridiron history…

The other will be “The Football Chronicle” and will be – yes, you guessed it – based on real pro football (the NFL kind, not the “Beautiful Game” kind) starting back in 1920. That one will likely use Draft Day Sports Pro Football and possibly start around the time the real NFL season begins.

Other leagues – basketball, hockey especially – are possible. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to overextend myself.

Oh, and these will probably start as solo projects. I want to build some history and get out of the “formative” years (so to speak) before launching them as online leagues.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to poke around & come back anytime!